What can we say about Canada? It's a lovely country. The crowds were amazing. Unequivocally, the entire band agrees...those were the best two shows we have ever played.

We entered a day before just south of Montreal. Note to self: If you have a speeding ticket in Canada from 20 years ago, make sure you pay it before you try to bring an entire band into another country. We are looking at you, V-Money!

Ottawa-Centrepointe Theatre March 27, 2015 (what an incredible venue!)

Attendance 621

Set list:

Overture It’s A Boy 1921 Amazing Journey/Sparks Eyesight to the Blind Christmas The Acid Queen Pinball Wizard Do You Think It’s Alright? Fiddle About Tommy Can You Hear Me? There’s a Doctor Go to the Mirror Smash the Mirror Sensation Miracle Cure Sally Simpson I’m Free Tommy’s Holiday Camp We’re Not Gonna Take It/ See Me Feel Me

TWO Can’t Explain The Seeker Happy Jack The Kids Are Alright Baba O'Riley My Wife Let My Love Open the Door I Am the Sea The Real Me 5.15 Shakin’ All Over Who Are You Encore: (Dedication) Won't Get Fooled Again/Guitar smash

The dedication was to our Dawn, who we miss dearly.

Ottawa tix jpg_edited.jpg

Montreal-Calistoga Grille March 28, 2015

(A smaller, but incredibly LOUD crowd! We loved it!)


Can’t Explain

The Seeker

Happy Jack

The Kids Are Alright

Baba O’Riley

GL introduces Vince

My Wife

Behind Blue Eyes

Eminence Front

Join Together

Amazing Journey/Sparks

Pinball Wizard

See Me Feel Me

Who Are You


I Can See For Miles

You Better You Bet

The Real Me


Love Reign O’er Me

Squeeze Box

My Generation

Shakin’ All Over

Won’t Get Fooled Again

E: Magic Bus



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